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Aku dan Vakum...

...aku, sedang dalam perjalanan mencari identiti. Mengisi vakum dan rongga-rongga kosong di dalam jiwa dengan menelusuri sejarah nenek moyang. Mengenali mereka dan sejarah mereka, jasa dan kesilapan mereka, agar ada sesuatu yang boleh kuceritakan pada anak cucuku.. bukan untuk berbangga-bangga dan merasakan diriku mulia. Dan akhirnya aku menemui diriku, MELAYU!

...apabila kita vakum identiti, itu yang jadi sampai Syarifah botakkan kepala! Tak kenal asal-usul, tanggung jawab dan amanah yang dibawa...

A student of silent observation...

Sekadar Sebuah Renungan

Ingat lagi tak tuan-tuan dengan budak ini? Kali ini hamba tak mahu komen apa-apa, sekadar ambil bahan dari dua sumber yang linknya hamba sertakan sekali. (isk.. tak original betul hamba ni, serupa pencacai)...

Adakah Budak Genius Sufiah Yusof Di larikan Dan Di Rosakkan hingga jadi pelacur

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Artikel Oleh ahmadhadeed

Sufiah Yusof adalah seorang pelajar genius math university oxford rakyat Malaysia. Sufiah memecah rekod menjadi menjadi pelajar oxford yang paling muda namun ramai musuh Islam tidak suka perkara itu. Sufiah di lagakan membeci keluarga nya dan akhirnya lari dari rumah ke keluarga 'angkat' bahasa Inggeris. Sekarang pada Sufiah juga di kenali 'Shipa Lee' 23 adalah seorang pelacur yang terpaksa melacur untuk membayar yuran pengajian. Namun berita di bawah menunjukkan konspirasi musuh islam untuk merosakkan sebarang yang berharga di miliki ummah.

"The sudden flight of a maths prodigy from Oxford has revealed her parents' dark past. Rosie Waterhouse and Edin Hamzic report

Farooq and Sufiah Too clever by half?

This weekend Sufiah Yusof, the runaway child prodigy, is contemplating a future turned upside down as she settles in with foster parents in
Bournemouth. Social workers will be coaxing the 15-year-old, who seemed so happy and self-assured when she won a place at Oxford three years ago, to explain why she disappeared the day after her final exam of the year; and why, since being found by the police after two weeks in hiding, she still refuses to return home or allow her family to know where she is.

bThey will also want to understand the meaning of an e-mail she sent to her parents, Farooq and Halimahton Yusof (photo), at their home in Coventry after she read newspaper reports of their appeal for her return.

She wrote: "Has it ever crossed your mind that the reason I left home was because I've finally had enough of 15 years of physical and emotional abuse (to paraphrase yourself, a 'living hell')?"

For their part, the Yusofs proclaimed that their "naive and unstreetwise" daughter had been abducted and brainwashed, denying any suggestion of abuse of her or any of their five children, all of whom are gifted in maths.

"What is important is that Sufiah is safe," said her mother. "We need to give her time. We must find out what happened, why she left. The truth is with Sufiah. We just want the situation to calm down."

Farooq Yusof denied suggestions of a serious rift with his daughter. He had not been abusive, as she alleged, he said. "Never. I love my daughter. There are third parties involved. This is being investigated."

In a message for Sufiah he added: "We love her very, very much, no matter what has happened, no matter what she has said, no matter what has been said by the papers. It is totally unimportant. We just love her and want her to come home."

But the story of the family took a dramatic turn yesterday when it emerged that Sufiah's mother and father had been convicted of involvement in a £1.5m mortgage fraud.

Yusof's real name, it turns out, is Farooq Khan. His father is believed to have come to Britain from Pakistan in 1963 because he wanted his nine children to have a British education.

Yusof was sent to borstal in 1977, aged 19, after being found guilty over a £100,000 mortgage racket involving his father and several members of the Khan family.

They had swapped ages, identities and partners, and supplied false information to building societies to obtain mortgages on several properties.

Again in August 1992 he was jailed for three years for his part in an even more elaborate fraud conducted over eight years and involving 54 mortgages and £1.5m.

At Oxford crown court, Yusof (Khan) admitted being involved in obtaining £430,000 of mortgages by deception, together with mortgage tax relief, benefits and rate rebates.

In the same case Sufiah's mother, described then as a 35-year-old student, was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence and had £25,000 confiscated.

Isolating: St Hilda's

The court was told she had lived in a house with a tennis court while receiving £180 a week in state benefits. In 1992 the Yusofs would have had four children aged six to 10. A fifth child was born two years later.

Confronted by his past, Farooq Yusof reportedly said: "Everybody has skeletons in their cupboard. So what if my family and my wife were involved? I am and always have been right about the situation surrounding my daughter."

He insisted that a "third party" would soon be arrested for abducting her.

The Yusofs' criminal past adds a new dimension to the strange world of a couple who have produced five maths prodigies, apparently by using accelerated learning" techniques while educating them at home.

It was always an unusual household. What strikes visitors to the Yusof home is a sense of well-ordered and disciplined calm, something rare in a household with five children.

None of the children runs in to pester their father when he is speaking to callers, to settle a childish row, or to ask to watch television. They remain quietly upstairs with their mother or tiptoe to the kitchen to help prepare food for the family, who follow the strict Muslim traditions of Sufism and pray several times a day.

The "classroom" contains a blackboard, a computer, shelves of books and enough desks and chairs to seat all the family.

Their detached post-war house is, they say, rented from the Warwick University campus in Coventry, where two of their other children, now aged 14 and 17, are in their second year of a maths degree course.

Athough Sufiah was the first to gain a university place three years ago when she was 13, equalling the record set by the Oxford maths prodigy Ruth Lawrence, the following year her brother Iskander beat them both when at 12 he became the youngest child to enter university. He and their older sister Aisha set yet another record by becoming the youngest siblings to win university places.

The youngest child, six-year-old Zuleika, could turn out to be the brightest of all. According to her father, she could talk at one, read by two, and by five had reached A- level maths standard. Yusof considered entering her for the exam but has apparently changed his mind. Perhaps he is having second houghts about how fast to accelerate the learning of one so young.

The Yusofs always claimed they gave up academic careers, he as a uiversity researcher in maths, she in chemistry, to educate their children at home. In fact, the hothousing apparently started after Farooq Yusof left prison in 1994. The family said they were living on savings and earnings as freelance esearchers, but money must have been tight raising five children without a regular income.

Yusof has courted publicity since Sufiah was offered her Oxford place in January 1997. Using a freelance agency in Northampton, where they
then lived, the family featured in national newspapers recording the latest achievements of their children and promoting their strict eaching regime.

Yusof claimed that government ministers were interested in his methods and that he was negotiating a £40,000 book deal.

His concern with money was referred to with bitterness in Sufiah's e-mail: "You ruined my brother's life because you wanted him to make lots of money for you winning tennis tournaments."

This is taken to refer to the eldest child, Isaac Abraham, 18, who did not go to university. Like all his siblings, he was skilled at maths besides excelling at tennis, but a wrist injury put paid to his ambition to become a professional player. To his father's disappointment, he now works at McDonald's.

Aisha and Iskander were not offered places at Oxford but went to Warwick on condition, the university authorities insisted, that the publicity stopped. It created a logistical dilemma: where should the family live?

The parents decided to take it in turns, one staying in rented accommodation in Oxford, the other at the house in Coventry. The signs of a rift between Sufiah and her father were clear in the weeks before her exams. When her mother stayed in Oxford, say students, Sufiah was happy. But when Yusof took her place, Sufiah would return to a room she could use in college.

Her independence seems to have developed slowly in her three years at St Hilda's. Although she joined several groups, including the Islamic Society and the mathematics and Malaysian associations, she remained reserved and isolated.

"You'll have a job finding anyone who really knew her," said Laura Paskell-Brown, 20, a student who befriended Sufiah 18 months ago. "She struck me as very shy.

"She was into new ideas and human rights and she supported the students in the campaign against tuition fees all along. I used to see her sitting alone."

Another maths student, Jo Charman, recalled: "I cannot remember her ever talking about her family or her life outside the college to anyone. She always wore dark colours and she started wearing a headdress halfway into the second year.

"Every day after lectures she used to leave and go straight home. She had a residence in Oxford but she never took anyone there. She never told me anything about her private life."

Charman was one of the last students to speak to Sufiah before she disappeared. She remembers her talking about the pressures they were under. "I spoke to her before the algebra exam, which I was taking as well, and she was very nervous and told me she was dreading it. I never suspected that she was about to run away."

Police sources insist that Sufiah was not lured away in any conspiracy. She made her own way by rail to Bournemouth, where she could move unnoticed among the town's 30,000 foreign students. Police were tipped off by the owner of a hotel, where she had found a job, after he saw her photograph in newspapers and she was picked up outside a Bournemouth cybercafe, the Click 'n' Link.

According to a source at Thames Valley police, "the matter is now closed" and they "have no reason to think that she was enticed or helped to run away by a third party".

Bournemouth social services department is waiting to find out what she wants to do next. Whether she returns to her family, or to Oxford, remains to be seen.

"We are doing all we can to support Sufiah in all her wishes and to make sure she is in a safe and protected environment," said a spokesman.""


Tragedi hidup Sufiah

LONDON 30 Mac – Sufiah Yusof, seorang kanak-kanak pintar matematik yang pernah menggemparkan dunia apabila layak memasuki Universiti Oxford pada usia 13 tahun, tidak putus-putus ditimpa nasib malang.

Selepas bapanya, Yusof Farooq dipenjara atas kesalahan melakukan serangan seksual ke atas dua gadis berusia 15 tahun yang mengikuti tuisyen matematik di rumahnya, Sufiah pula kini dilaporkan menjadi pekerja seks.

Tragedi yang melanda kanak-kanak genius itu dibongkar oleh wartawan News of the World yang menyamar sebagai pelanggan, di flat murah yang didiaminya di belakang lorong di Salford, Manchester.

Sufiah dikatakan terbabit dalam kegiatan tidak bermoral itu, untuk menyara hidupnya sejak beberapa tahun lalu.

Entah di mana silapnya, gadis dengan senyuman menawan itu yang kehebatannya sepatutnya menjadikan dia wanita kaya, terpaksa memilih jalan itu untuk terus hidup.

Menurut akhbar itu, Sufiah dilaporkan mengiklankan ‘khidmatnya’ melalui Internet dengan tawaran 130 pound (RM830) untuk setiap sesi.

Dengan memakai nama samaran Shilpa Lee, dia antara lain menggambarkan dirinya sebagai ‘pelajar bijak dan seksi’ yang menyediakan perkhidmatan setiap hari dari pukul 11 pagi hingga 8 malam.

Dalam iklannya, menurut tabloid tersebut, Sufiah juga menyatakan dia lebih gemarkan ‘lelaki tua yang budiman’. Seorang bekas rakannya menyifatkan tindak-tanduk gadis itu sebagai: ‘‘Sesuatu yang sungguh menyedihkan.’’

“Dengan otak luar biasa yang dimilikinya, dia tidak mempunyai masalah untuk mendapat wang, sebaliknya hidup dia musnah dan menjadi tidak terkawal,” kata bekas rakannya lagi.

Selepas tiga tahun belajar di Universiti Oxford, pada usia semuda 15 tahun, Sufiah mencetuskan kegemparan apabila menghilangkan diri.

Dalam e-mel kepada keluarganya, dia menyifatkan hidup dengan bapanya ‘umpama dalam neraka’.

Ibu Sufiah, Halimahton berasal dari Muar, Johor manakala bapanya, Yusof berasal dari Pakistan.

Sufiah hanya ditemui dua minggu kemudian di sebuah kafe Internet di Bournemouth dan bekerja sebagai pelayan hotel.

Dia enggan kembali ke pangkuan keluarga dan diletakkan di bawah jagaan sebuah badan sosial sebelum kembali ke Oxford untuk menyelesaikan pengajian matematik peringkat sarjana.

Dia berkahwin pada 2004 ketika berusia 19 tahun dengan peguam pelatih, Jonathan Marshall, 24, tetapi rumah tangganya hanya mampu bertahan selama setahun.

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Sekadar Sebuah Renungan...

What is history but a fable agreed upon? – attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821)

Kepada tuan-tuan yang kurang fasih berbahasa Inggeris, maksud ayat di atas ialah, "Sejarah itu adalah dongengan yang diterima semua orang..". Ianya disandarkan kepada seorang tokoh perang yang ingin menguasai Eropah, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Apa? Mengapa? dan Siapa? Itu adalah persoalannya di sini...

Ianya mengenai: Sejarah, Dongeng, dan Tokoh.

Apabila kita menyentuh bab Sejarah, tak dapat tidak ia meyentuh aspek kehidupan kita sehari-hari dalam segala aktiviti.. hal dalam kelambu, hal dalam jamban, hal atas meja makan, hal kat sekolah, hal kat tempat kerja, dan hal-hal lain lagi dari 1001 hal manusia.

Dongeng pula, adalah perkara atau cerita yang diwaridkan dikala hendak menindurkan anak-anak supaya mereka seronok dan leka, dan khayal pada masa yang sama. Alaaa.. Bedtime Stories...

Ya, dua aspek ini adalah aktiviti manusia yang mewarnai kehidupan kita... dan kita tak dapat lari dari menjadi sebahagian daripada sejarah.

Contoh, "Ala Limah... Si Anu anak Pak Bidin yang jatuh motor kat Simpang Tiga Bagan tu dulu...". See! Kita tak dapat lari dari sejarah.

Sejarah dicipta oleh kita, dan kita jua yang menulisnya jua..

...dan masalahnya juga si penulis sejarah dan penulis kitab dongeng merupakan makhluk yang sama...


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Catitan Tahun Ke - 13: Kitab Buai Laju-Laju

Buai laju-laju

Sampai pokok sena

Apa dalam baju?

Sekuntum bunga cina

Buai laju-laju

Sampai cucur atap

Bila besar nanti

Pandai ...

Bismillahi rahman nirrahim. Inilah kitab pada menyatakan bab buai laju-laju. Adapun kata-kata pendahuluannya diwaridkan pada 26 haribulan rejab 1428H tahun jawi, hari jumaat pada tahun rumi 2007 bulan kedelapan hari kesepuluh, waktu maghrib adanya. Bukannya apa tuan hamba, takut tak sempat arakian nyawa yang dipinjamkan itu takut-takut akan diambil kembali.

Mengapa buai laju-laju? Mengapa tak pilih tajuk yang lain tuan hamba? Adapun kata M.Nasir seorang mahaguru penyair seloka dan gurindam yang bolehlah dikatakan masyhur pada zaman ini ada menyatakan dalam seloka lagunya yang berbunyi – jika ada bendanya tentulah ada namanya, jika ada isinya tentulah ada bekasnya. Maka pemilihan tajuk bagi kitab ini diharap dapat menyampaikan hajat maksud kasad hati sang manusia yang mewaridkan kisah hikayat kelakuan dan afaal perbuatan manusia yang yang dilihat dan didengar oleh sang perwarid melalui deria yang dipinjamkan-Nya melalui sifat-Nya jua wallahualam.

Sukacita bagi perwarid jika ada yang dirawikan di sini dapat dijadikan akan kamu iktibar dan panduan. Mana elok mana pakai, mana buruk itu ditinggal. Ambil yang jernih, tapis yang keruh agar hasilnya juga nanti membawa kejernihan...

Apa itu buai? Mengapa dibuai laju-laju?

Siapa membuai, siapa yang terbuai?

Adapun untuk mengetahui maksud buai dan pecahannya maka hamba sertakan maksudnya yang hamba perolehi dari Kamus Dewan.

Buai pada maksud loghat bahasa Melayu bermaksud ayun; berbuai pula terayun sama ada ke hadapan dan ke belakang atau ke kiri dan ke kanan, berayun: sebagai contoh: gugusan buah di pohon itu ~ ditiup angin; atau seperti menaiki buaian: anak kecil itu ~ bersama kawan-kawannya;

Adapun bagi lafaz berbuai-buai pula ianya bermaksud; berbuai berulang-ulang, berayun(-ayun): badannya yg gemuk kelihatan ~ apabila dia berjalan;

Tak sampai lagi maksudnya tuan hamba, mari kita teruskan dengan pecahan yang seterusnya iaitu membuai yang bermaksud menggerakkan sesuatu hingga berbuai-buai: alun besar ~ kapal; ia juga menyampaikan maksud; mengasyikkan, melekakan, melenakan: hanyut dibuai khayalan; matanya dihalakan ke hadapan dan perasaannya tiba-tiba dibuai kesedihan;

Di sini dapatlah tuan-tuan hamba meneka maksud kasad hati hamba seperti yang hamba ingin sampaikan ibarat pembayang pada pantun sebelum dua rangkap terakhir disambung.

Atau masih musykil dan waham lagi tuan hamba? Tidak mengapa. Kita sambung lagi kajian kita.

Membuaikan pula jatuh pada maksud mengayunkan buai: ~ anak sehingga terlena; atau menyebabkan berbuai: angin yg bertiup lembut ~ janggutnya;

Manakala pula terbuai-buai maksudnya jatuh pada terus berbuai beberapa kali, terayun-ayun;

Buaian pula adalah tempat tidur anak kecil yg boleh diayun atau tempat kanak-kanak berayun, ayunan; dan akhir sekali sebuah peribahasa; bandul loceng; ~ digoncang, anak dicubit yang mana orang-orang tua maksudkan menyelimuti perbuatan (maksud) yang jahat.

Manakala maksud laju pula ialah pantas (pergerakan), cepat: kapal belayar juga, makin lama makin ~; dan cepatnya sesuatu gerakan (dalam ilmu fizik) lebih cepat dari gerakan yang mula-mula.

Dalam bahasa yang mudah; makin lama semakin cepat.

Buai laju-laju, mengapa ya?

Dalam petung ilmu persilatan mana yang laju tak dapat ditangkap, siapa yang laju dia yang dapat!

Siapa dapat siapa?

Yang slow ke yang laju tuan hamba?

Dalam bab berbuai atau berayun tu dah jatuh pada bab gayang tuan hamba.

Diam, Gerak, Gayang, Ruat. Yang mana satu?

Bab aurat orang tua-tua sahabat, tak boleh dibuka dan tak boleh dilihat dan ditunjukkan tapi boleh diceritakan...

Akibat dibuai, bangsa kita pada zaman ini berada dalam keadaan asyik, leka, dan lena kerana kesedapan oleh bahana kena buai dek orang. Sekali lagi, siapa membuai siapa? Dibuai-buai, semakin lama semakin laju; tanpa disedari. Orang miskin dibuai harapan. Yang kaya dibuai khayalan. Akhirnya jadi hampas dan yang didapati cuma angan-angan tak kesampaian.

Intipati kepada persoalan ini berkisar pada apa yang dicapai oleh umat Melayu dan bangsa Malaysia yang sedap asyik dibuai orang. Dan, dalam kesedapan ini kita semua tuan hamba, lena dalam mimpi yang panjang. Tido tak menyado kata orang-orang tua ikut loghat pertuturan daerah Muar (Muo).

Tak dapat tidak (kata yang pernah dituturkan oleh Dato Onn) bila menulis tentang perkara ini akan menyentuh dan disentuh tentang keadaan semasa dan iklim budaya di negara kita. Itu pun sebab kita dilahirkan di sini. Kalau hamba dilahirkan di Amerika gamaknya, hamba akan cerita mengenai Amerika dan di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Namun apa yang nyata di sini, warkah coretan hamba ini gamaknya hanyalah fazakkir untuk diri hamba yang amat jahil lagi tidak bijak laksana.

Ibaratnya aku jua yang berkata-kata dengan aku, begitulah hakikatnya seperti apa yang dikhabarkan oleh seorang to’ syeikh kepada hamba.


Sebagai penutup kata dari hamba yang dhaif ini, sukalah hamba sertakan sama sebuah sajak sebagai penutup, sekian.

Ke mana arah kau hadapkan wajahmu

Di situ kau akan nampak kekasihmu

Adakah ada dia dalam dirimu?

Atau ada kau dalam dirinya?

Yang nyata tak ada duanya satu....

Siapa kau?

Atau siapa aku?

Halim Fansuri al Bagani at Talibi

p/s ...serbat untuk gajah bukan untuk semut... – Hassan Al Basri

Sekadar Sebuah Renungan...

Tulisan ini hasil kerja tangan dan coretan adinda hamba... bukannya apa, sekadar renungan...

Ali: tarikat tu ape?

Abu: alah...yang gitu-gitu (tak pasti)

Ah seng: wa ingat pengikut itu osama...sebab ala pakai macam lilit kepala olang Islam pakai

Mak timah: tablik (tabligh) kat masjid kot.

Pembaca akbar metro: oh kan ajaran sesat yang baru diburu jakim..depa meratib kuat kuat kan?

Paranormal: hmm misteri dan ada kaitan dgn wali 9.

Muthu: teh tarik ka?

Ketua UMNO bahagian xxx: orang PAS!

Nicholson: aha...a sufism group such as mevlevi, naqshabandi and others...quite interesting.

Ustaz wahabi: syiah/sesat!

Ustaz biasa: pengamal taswwuf/ kumpulan zikir/ sufi

Org Bukit Aman: mungkin ada kaitan dengan pengganas dan mengancam negara.

3 orang buta yang pegang gajah: macam kipas, macam ular, macam tiang.

Pengamal ajaran sesat: ni ilmu yang tinggi makam nya...wahyu baru ni...


Ali: tarikat tu ape?


بسم الله ار رحمن ار رحيم...

Dengan Bismillah mula dikata,
Mengingatkan kebesaran Allah yang mulia,
Kerana Wajib telah ternyata,
Segala perbuatan mahulah diserta...
- Allahyarham To' Meor Abdul Rahman... (arwah atuk Meor)
Engkau tetap atukku walaupun kita bukan sedarah...

Berwajah Harimau Berhati Singa!

Berwajah Harimau Berhati Singa!

Sebelum Kau Pergi...

Saidina Ali ada memberi petunjuk dan peninggalan untuk mereka yang mahu mengikut dan menjejakinya. Bunyi pedoman itu dapat dikutip dalam Nahjul Balaghah, begini:

'La tastawhisyu fi thariqilhuda liqillati ahlih. Fainnan nasa qad ijtama'u ala maidah syiba'uha qashir wa ju'uha thawil.'

Maksudnya: 'Janganlah kamu merasa kesepian di jalan petunjuk kerana sedikit pengikutnya. Manusia sungguh hanya berkumpul di sekitar hidangan. Kenyangnya sebentar, laparnya berpanjangan.'

Jadi, biaq pi lah orang pergi kepada dia. Kita mesti kekal jadi minoriti yang berpegang kepada kebenaran. – Faisal Tehrani